About Me

I'm a 21 year-old Advertising Student at the University of Alabama. I am "suppose" to graduate this May, but the 6 year plan is more along my speed since I changed majors six times. Yeah, you read that right SIX TIMES. Let's not go there. I have a wonderful boyfriend, Derik, of 3+ years, but who's counting? We have a dog together who is by far the most spoiled, brattiest, attention whore ever. Penny lives back home with my grandparents for now until Derik and I get our own apartment together next year. Until then I will reminisce of times when she was forced to wear a reindeer Christmas sweater and those times I threw her in the complex pool (oops). Online shopping is my weakness. Having my grandmother's credit card memorized doesn't help her debt either (oops again). I tend to enjoy one (or seven) vodka waters with way too many limes multiple nights a week. I'm still in college, I can do that. Since I AM ACTUALLY a student at Alabama I can safely say I am a fan. I am not a bandwagon fan. I was a fan in 2003...that says a lot. And Shula? I was there for that too...and Mike Price...ugh, dark times for the Crimson Tide. Nick Saban is my main man, don't tell Derik. I can rest assured in his faith in our Dynasty. With that I will leave you with a BIG "Roll Tide!" and maybe an even bigger "Happy Reading!"

-xoxo Tiff


  1. I found your blog through the blog hop. My husband graduated from University of Alabama. Huge Roll Tide family here. It's always good to find fellow Bama fans.