Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let's play catch up

Catch is a funny word. Catch...catch. Catch catch catch catch. But, then again, any word is funny if you say it enough. Y'all have missed my witty banter, amirite? Thought so ;)

Since my last post...which was scheduled I may add...I have been SUPER BUSY. Not only was I nursing a hangover from the Burt wedding Hell while all of you lovelies were reading about my book swapping ideas, I have been studying for finals, taking finals, starting new jobs, attending graduations at the cow college Auburn, losing my dog and deep cleaning my apartment. Sounds like loads of fun huh? Here's some picture proof, because we all love pictures.

Penny is back in full action y'all. She's been causing a ruckus in 702 for the past two weeks and will be returning home to visit her real doggy momma this weekend for Mother's Day. How thoughtful is she?! So sweet.

I promise to be a better blogger, until summer school starts, and then I can't promise anything. In the next two weeks I will be working 40-50 hours a week, interning two days a week, taking 12 hours worth of online classes and still finding time to drink a bottle of wine to keep me sane. Y'all say a little prayer for me. Tiff's gonna be going cray cray soon. Until next time...

-xoxo Tiff

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