Monday, April 1, 2013

catsup...catch up...bad humor

HELLO ALL! Spring Break is over, and I am back in Tuscaloosa being a slave at work. I don't have class until Tuesday, so I am going to lay out all day and get super burnt tomorrow to make up for not going to the beach over break. Even though I didn't go to Destin, PCB or Orange Beach, I did have a very busy week at home. I had interviews for internships in Mobile (which I kicked ass at btw, I've been offered every one).

In one of my interviews they asked me about this blog and why I loved to blog. Of course I talked about Sara and how close we have become since I started blogging/tumblr/whatever. Even though she is the reason I started this blog, I like to think she'd still be my friend if I didn't have it ;)

Another one of the interviewers told me that she loved the tone of my blog and could tell what kind of person I was before I even came in for the interview. Evidently I matched up well. Which is a GREAT THING. You don't want your blog not to match you.

Now that I have internship offers, I have to make a pro-con list today to figure out where I want to be this summer. Definitely not a bad problem to have at all. I cannot complain in the least. I am blessed. I've also had this quote written on my dresser mirror for the past three years. I see it every day. I like to think it has helped me succeed :)

-xoxo Tiff

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  1. Whoaa did you really talk about me in an interview?? love it. And I totally would still be your friend if you didn't have a blog :)