Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

My weekend was rather boring, I spent the majority being hungover. Oh, and working. Derik went home for the weekend which really left me with not much to do. I did Facebook stalk myself a lot. And to embarrass myself even further on here, I give you "Tiff post 3 bottles of wine with ex boyfriend and his family at dinner". Good ole Facebook will never let me forget this one. Sheesh.

....can't believe I just did that. Hopefully y'all like a sense of humor, cause that's all you're gonna get over here! Okay, enough with my shenanigans, go link up with Sami and tell her your weekend shenanigans!

-xoxo Tiff


  1. your blog is so cute! and love facebooking stalking, especially yourself, you dig up the funniest things

  2. hahah love the stocking!! a new follower :)