Friday, March 8, 2013

My lifeline

I know I go on and on and on and on about Derik, but there's somebody else in my life that is my ACTUAL soulmate. My best friend. My sister. My confidante. My biggest fan. I give you...Sophia, in all of our Freshman year of high school glory.

We have known each other since Kindergarten. That's 16 years of friendship. We've been through middle school together. That says a lot. We may have hated each other for a solid year of middle school happens. And then, I moved an hour away from her. I thought my world was over. I didn't think I could ever find a friend to even come close to her. I didn't. We became even closer when living an hour away from each other than we had been the past 8 years of going to the same school. And then college happened.

The night before I moved away to school

I moved to Tuscaloosa a week before she moved to Hanceville to go through recruitment. That night at Heath's land was the last night that our lives were actually normal. All we had to do was fish and drink Smirnoff Ice (classy choice of drink I know). The last 4 years of college we have had a lot of first in our friendship. She graduated and is working as a R.N. at a hospital back home in Mobile, and I am still slaving away at school. If we could go back to our Freshman year you would probably get a mixture of this...

Delta Chi Formal in New Orleans

Auburn vs. West Virginia Weekend

So many adventures were had Freshman year. Such good times. Her one year anniversary of her 21st birthday is coming up next week. It will be the first year in a long time that I haven't had the ability to see her. Stupid school is cramping my style. Usually Spring Break falls on her birthday, but not this year! I will be going home in two weeks for Spring Break though and I suppose we will have to celebrate then!

The moral of this story is that everybody has their best friend. Mine just so happens to be 13910542 times better than yours and you can't have her. I honestly don't know what I would do without her in my life. So, Sophia, if you ever happen to read this, LYLAS ;)

-xoxo Tiff

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