Friday, March 1, 2013


The first text message I sent this morning to was one of my best friends from high school that simply stated "MARCH". Her response? "HYFR". I have the best of friends. AND WE ALL LOVE MARCH.
Beach, baseball,'s basically the best month ever. Now, for you people who don't live 30 minutes from Gulf Shores, I feel bad for you. I really do. Because it is AWESOME.
I give you proof

This face screams excitement. Or it screams I'm falling backwards off the ladder and I won't make it to the boat. Whichever, really.

Super excited to bring y'all my March tidbits and I have some work that I have done this past week coming your way too! Think minimalist Pretty Little Liars!

-xoxo Tiff

p.s. I leave you with this, to extend your jealousy.


  1. Found you through Sara :) ROLL TIDE! I've been to Gulf Shores! I loved it... You're lucky to live so close! Texas beaches suck lol

    1. Hi Lindsay!!
      So glad you found me :) Gulf Shores is absolutely wonderful, you definitely have that right! Andddd I guess I'll agree with you about Texas beaches too. Galveston kind sucks ;)