Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Francesca Obsession

Hey y'all! I'm finally well rested and ready to take life by the horns! Midterms...are not my friend, ugh. Enough about me...let's talk more about, well, me. Not just me, but me and my shopping addiction. I got paid on Monday and got two wedding invitations in the mail last week...Therefore I must shop! I started out over at my trusty friend TJ's, but he wasn't helping me out at all. It was such a let down. Usually TJ is my super good friend when it comes to awesome cheap finds. NOT THIS TIME.

Never fear, Francesca is here! I remember when Francesca's Collection first opened back home...I was mildly obsessed. I may have bought all of my important sundresses from there. It's a great place. It's a friendly place. So, when Francesca's opened in Tuscaloosa a few weeks ago I was IMMEDIATELY in Heaven. After TJ let me down oh so much I headed on over to Midtown to Francesca's where I found about....14 dresses to try on. When I was going in and out of the dressing room trying to get Derik's opinion, one of the girls working informed me that it was BOGO 50% off. SCORE. I do have two weddings coming up, so why not go ahead and get two?


I couldn't get the pictures to save to my computer to show y'all which dresses I chose. Sad. Freaking. Day. Just know that if there's a Francesca's in your vicinity that you should go and bask in all the pastel glory that is their collection right now. Go forth and prosper.

-xoxo Tiff

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  1. I always forget about Francesca's! I shall go forth & prosper there this weekend ;)